Uses for a Telepresence Machine

Uses for a Telepresence Machine

One of the most trending innovations today is the development and use of telepresence machines in various industries. It was actually used commercially a while back but it was just recently that its utility and function have been emphasized to be very vital in terms of creating a surrogate presence especially in the workplace when employees are actually working from home.

It is almost a perfect machine built and developed to meet the need and the absence caused by the work from the home system in the new normal. But many are still adamant about its uses and functions, and to clear it all out here are some of the most common industries that utilize telepresence machines in their work environment.

Film industry

Since the directors are such busy people one of the industries that use the function of such technology is the film industry. Through telepresence directors and other film crew can now observe and study the set and takes even if they are far away, they use this in order to save time and cost of travel. One bad side of this type of system is that it is less effective in giving instructions to the set crew.


Allied health industries have long used double robotics for hospital use. it was utilized for use when a doctor specialist cannot easily move from one hospital to another and so they created this system wherein a doctor can diagnose or visit patients using a surrogate entity, which is a robot, which streams real-time data and videos to the doctor, it then becomes the means by which the doctor can visit and interact with their patients using such methods.


One of the latest industries to join the ranks of workplaces that use telepresence is the education sector. Through telepresence, students can feel both rights at home while attending the class of a teacher, a student can either have a robot in his place in a class or a teacher can use such to stand as a proctor in a class. Regardless its uses are now being widely used in the educational sector.


Restaurants in Japan have been known to use robots in taking orders from customers; well it seems that Japan has been a decade ahead of the world when it comes to robotics. With robots in restaurants, there are lesser human errors committed especially when taking orders, with the use of robots the orders are precise and the orders can be given on time with the lesser delay because of the lesser human error factor. Some restaurants even employ the use of monitors for conferences inside their shops, now costumers can enjoy their dinner while on meeting or conference and this had taken a giant leap of development for the restaurant business.

With human imagination and innovation almost, nothing is impossible and with each challenge that has been thrown, we end up creating more and more designs, inventions, and innovations to hurdle such predicament. Who knows, maybe someday half of the works industries will be dominated by robots.

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