Dubai Travel guide When to Arrive, what to do, and why you’ll love the City

Dubai Travel guide

Why you will love it

With its amazing architecture, man-made islands, and shopping for socks, Dubai is a dream destination, a spectacular view of the towers, palace hotels, and innovative new items. It incorporates the same rare marine landscapes and sand dunes set on camel by its neighbors, Oman and Saudi Arabia, but with one-minute entertainment that no other place in the Middle East can offer.

First, you’ll be able to access the dishdasha-filled mosques and the twisted castles of ice cream-cone, but also have moments away from the mall of statement shops and historic buildings. This is a city with the best of both worlds – be it big, big, fast, high – and ready for kids to the nth level, full of fun theme parks and Disneyfied water sports venues that honor Hollywood, Bollywood, Marvel, and Lego. Add dune-bashing, a desert-safari day trip and you will find it hard to catch your breath. So do not forget the sea. The soft sand dunes of Dubai and the blue sea lift the Caribbean, even though the back of the skyscraper screams Las Vegas.

What to do

Life in Dubai revolves around the sea and nowhere in the United Arab Emirates has a better coastline. The preferred option is Umm Suqeim Beach, near Burj Al Arab, and Jumeirah Beach Park with palm or JBR Beach, covering the full length of Dubai Marina. You can hire a 4 x 4 or rent ferrari Dubai to have the best luxury car to get around the city

At the Dubai World Cup Summit, nothing is more wishing than Burj Khalifa. Be smart at sunset and you can catch it twice – ready for the night shift, from terra firma and back to the 148th floor after climbing one of the fastest elevators in the world. The next door can arrange a shopping trip between the Dubai Mall nest, a leviathan-sized aquarium home, and a large promenade of designer labels on this Chinese side. According to local custom, draw a line through Jumeirah to marvel at the honeycombed Jumeirah Mosque. A mind-blowing morning tour is hosted by the Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding.

Away from the buildings of Sheikh Zayed Road, Arabia was just about to start living in Dubai Creek, especially as the sprouting of the abra river taxi passed overcrowded boats shortly after returning to the Persian Gulf. Allow half a day of nasal movement near the musky Spice Souk, ride over the toe slips wrapped in Textile Souk, and watch the Gold Souk over the bling: OTT emporiums attack the nerves like a purse. There are 300 weird shops and 25 tons of gold on display. How to know to haggle? You will reap the benefits.


Your base of deceptive history, away from Dubai’s fly-and-floppers, the beautiful Dubai Creek. The courtyards, the winky air towers, and the lighted Olive Muslim sites of Al Bastakiya, the city’s centenary, capture the region’s heritage better than anywhere else in the Middle East. The authentic hotels, fully stocked with cushions, jewelry-embroidered fabrics and lattice mashrabiya screens, give the impression of the United Arab Emirates as it was. Hear something? That’s not a tannoy shopping mall. It is a call to prayer for the muezzin.

Palm Jumeirah, on the other side of town, is the place to stay if you are in the best of both swanky hotels with monorail stations (yes, Dubai does so by public transportation). Atlantis wedding cake, Palm, is a Dubai hyperbole statue, built on a man-made island with a water park and aquarium in a sad way the Royal Navy can sail. Kim Kardashian spent more than £ 20,000 a room a night here, so you know it’s something else. It also has 14-carat gold soap. For more privacy, check out one of Dubai’s most exclusive private attractions.

The center of the city is Downtown Dubai. The ground zero of the Dubai Opera, Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa, with its magnitude, 830m – high is well taken from the top of a flying flamingo surrounding one of the pools on the roof of the magnificent hotel.

Don’t miss out

No tour is complete without a glimpse of the rocky Burj Al Arab, a six-star zeitgeist-changing hotel in Jumeirah that sets the Dubai-based limit that we can do anything. It is rich in mythology, and even kings and heads of state call it superstition. You will need to book dinner or drinks to pass through the security gates, but it is worth seeing its sci-fi atrium, boasting restaurants, and the 27-story Skyview Bar, with its breath-taking panorama from Palm Jumeirah. to Dubai Creek.

The best time to visit

The best time to go to Dubai is in December to February for a full day’s stay, or if it is the seaside beaches you follow, head for autumn or spring.

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