Get VPS Netherlands for a better performing website: Serverwala

Get VPS Netherlands for a better performing website: Serverwala

The digital age, which we live in has greatly influenced the way we do business. Nowadays, businesses pay more attention to building a strong online image so that they can target customers all over the world and create a loyal customer base that is why business websites have become an integral part of businesses today.

For all of that to happen, you need to make your site visible on the search page and ensure that the website’s speed and performance are good enough to give visitors a great user experience so that those visitors become people you do regular business with.

To make that happen, web hosting is a must. Web hosting from a reputed and trusted hosting provider can help in improving your website’s speed, performance, and security. All of this is a gateway to customers’ attention and increases the conversion rate. Among the many web hosting services, VPS hosting is the one that has gained a lot of popularity.

In this article, we will talk about VPS Netherlands and why Serverwala is among the best VPS hosting Netherlands provider.

What is VPS Netherlands?

VPS is Virtual Private Server that offers features similar to dedicated hosting at less cost and has advanced security than shared hosting. VPS uses virtualization technology to divide one strong server into many virtual serves each with separate resources such as RAM, Disk space, CPU, etc. Though the main server is shared with other users, the resources are completely separate giving users a completely private and secure server environment to host their website.

VPS Hosting Types

Managed VPS hosting

When you start your business website, you may not be aware of all the technical aspects of managing a server. VPS hosting has a solution for that as it offers a fully managed VPS where a customer can completely rely on their VPS hosting provider to manage and monitor the server and resolve issues that occur. This takes a lot of burden off your shoulders and you can fully concentrate and give your time to grow your business website.


Unmanaged VPS Hosting

If you are someone who’s running a successful business for a while and have the technical skills it needs to manage a server or have a fully trained professional staff and you want to change your web hosting to VPS hosting then you can go with unmanaged vps where you host will only take care of the physical server and you get to be in charge of managing the server.

What features does Serverwala’s Netherlands VPS server offer?

About Serverwala

Serverwala is a well-renowned web hosting and data center service provider. Their services include VPS Hosting, Colocation, dedicated hosting, and other manage services. Serverwala has been providing top-quality web hosting services at very affordable prices also their customer service is something they are known for.

Chief features of Serverwala’s Netherlands VPS

Serverwala’s Linux and Windows VPS hosting has the following features that make it a Netherlands VPS Hosting provider you can rely on.

●      Full rooted access

Serverwala’s Netherlands VPS Server comes with full rooted access which lets clients manage and control the server the way they want. A client can install the operating system and software as per their business requirements.

●      High uptime

To ensure that customers get 99.9% uptime. They offer network flexibility from secured channels. 

●      DDoS protection

To maintain data protection, all of the Netherlands VPS servers are fully secured with firewalls. What this does is keep the client’s data safe from DDoS attacks.

●      100 TB Data transfer per month

Serverwala’s Netherlands VPS Hosting comes with unlimited bandwidth allows users

to transfer 100 TB of data every month. With a feature like that clients will never face any difficulty in meeting their website’s needs and demands.

●       24/7 customer support

Clients can get solutions to all their technical issues by directly contacting the professional team. They also provide constant assistance through live chat, skype call, Email, and ticket systems.

●       Can be used to host various platforms

Serverwala’s Netherlands VPS can be used to host eCommerce websites, WordPress websites, gaming websites, small business websites.

Netherlands VPS Cheap Plans offered by Serverwala

One of the major advantages Serverwala offers is that all of their VPS Netherlands plans are very affordable and come with all the above-mentioned features.

Linux VPS Netherlands Plan

Linux VPS Netherlands Plan
Linux VPS Netherlands Plan

Windows VPS Netherlands Plan

Windows VPS Netherlands Plan
Windows VPS Netherlands Plan


To sum it up, VPS hosting is a much safer and reliable option than shared hosting and if your business needs a safer and reliable option but doesn’t have the budget to invest in dedicated hosting then VPS hosting is the best possible option for you. Moreover, if you need a Netherlands VPS Hosting provider that offers the best Netherlands VPS plans at cheap prices, then Serverwala is an excellent option. Serverwala’s VPS hosting features and 24/7 customer services will help you grow your business website like no other.

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