How To Get Cheapest Dedicated Server In India?

How To Get Cheapest Dedicated Server In India?

Are you looking for the cheapest dedicated server in India? Due to the availability of numerous service providers, you might feel some trouble in jumping to a conclusion. The bare metal server is the other name for a dedicated server. It is a type of remote server that helps the customer to access an entire server. Configuring the server with apps, operating systems, software, and control panel is easy. Going with a dedicated server adds speed, reliability, and security to the website. Moreover, consumers will have control over setting up the server including hardware configuration and custom software options.

Features of the cheapest dedicated server in India:

A dedicated server is one of the best-performing hosting options. Having dedicated server hosting is like owning a house where no one will bother you, you can do whatever you want. Although, choosing a shared server is like staying in a hostel where you have to share everything. Along with more disk space and bandwidth, dedicated servers also provide you with the following advantages:

Improved performance – A cheap dedicated server offers enhanced performance for all the applications because they are not occupied by multiple workloads that slow down the server. Dedicated servers are always faster than shared servers thus opting for them is the best decision for enhancing the performance of the website. Moreover, it also provides more bandwidth to handle the traffic at peak hours and saves the website from crashing.

Customization options – A dedicated server allows you better customization options like micro-segmentation of a network. While there are a few limitations in shared hosting as all the businesses do not need the same customization. You can configure the server to work with the website. This can have a configuration for a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress, Hubspot, Woocommerce, and Joomla.

Security – Choosing a dedicated server reduces the risk of data braces. Moreover, it keeps track that you are not sharing your space with a spammer or malicious software. This is the main reason why companies taking transactions over FTP or SSL choose dedicated servers. The best dedicated server hosting companies offer day and night support to deal with issues and complaints. It is a protective measure that ensures the protection of the website.

Flexibility and reliability – If your website goes down for a few seconds then customers will head towards the competitor. Selecting a dedicated server will make your website run for the whole day and night, reducing downtime. Along with this, it allows the flexibility to customize the server to meet the needs like software, CPU, RAM, and disk space. While in the case of shared hosting there is no flexibility, you have limited applications, software, and OS.

Cost friendly – A dedicated server is a cheap way of accessing a server. If you do not have the time and facilities to manage a server then select a dedicated server. It helps you in maintaining the equipments thus overall cost is reduced. The hosting service provider takes care of the server maintenance and helps you to focus on the things that actually matter for your business.

Technical support – Top-rated dedicated hosting service providers will offer you technical support for 24 hours of the day. Moreover, DDoS attacks, technical issues, or other technical issues should be resolved as soon as possible. No business owner wants to have any damage to the business due to server issues. Providing effective customer support ensures that website disruption is minimum.

How to find the cheapest dedicated server in India?

The challenge of finding the cheapest dedicated server in India is real because there are a lot of options available in the market. If you follow the below-mentioned plan then finding the best-dedicated hosting service can be really easy for you.

Understand your needs – Before you proceed with the shopping of the cheapest dedicated server in India, you should know the demands of the server. According to your needs and budget, you should start taking quotations and consultations from the companies that can fulfill all your needs.

Read customer reviews – It is one of the effective ways of gaining information about the company. Check for the ratings and reviews of a company before you pay them any upfront amount. Testimonials and quality can play an important role in finalizing the right service provider. Based on the reviews and ratings, you can easily make a decision.

Research before shopping – Before investing on any platform, perform a deep background check about the company. This step can be easily fulfilled by browsing the website on the internet. Surfing and looking for the cheapest dedicated server in India can lead to the best and effective platform which is ready to deliver all the required services.

Ask for quotations – Quotations are necessary because they will give complete detail about the services and cost. You can also go for consultation calls with the company. Know more about what they are offering, understand their costing and services.


Selecting the cheapest dedicated server in India is not at all easy because there are hundreds of service providers in the market. Still, if you follow all the methods mentioned above then you can easily get the best hosting service on the budget. Make sure you do not stop looking for the cheapest dedicated server in India because there are plenty of options available.

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